CNN Journalist Who Pushed Original Dossier Story Now Covers Invalid FISA Application That Relied on Dossier

Mueller falsely predicated


Did the original scope memo from Rod Rosenstein in May 2017 authorize Team Mueller to investigate allegations in the Steele Dossier?…  Allegations that were already debunked by the FBI four months earlier in mid-January 2017?

Now, why is all this important? The last two Carter Page FISA applications have been declared invalid. Well, this is the importance of having a timeline.

Both the Carter Page investigation and attendant FISA requests and the Meuller Investigation were predicated on the unverified Steele dossier. We know this from IG Horowitz and his report, by inference, as there was no other significant evidence found.

"Inspector General Michael Horowitz informs us in his report the FBI determined the dossier was bunk “shortly afterJanuary 12, 2017, FISA renewal." 

FISA renewal request on January 12, 2017.

First Currently invalid FISA renewal request April 7, 2017. Signed by James Comey.

Second Currently invalid FIAS renewal request June 29, 2017. Signed by Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein.

Note, that the FBI has a duty to tell the FISA court when evidence conflicts are found.

"It seems likely the Mueller probe did use the Page warrant, as former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and former DOJ Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein authorized the June 29, 2017, final renewal AFTER the special counsel was in place. That renewal has been admitted as invalid"

Note, that it seems likely the Mueller probe did use the Page warrant to FISA because almost the entire FBI counterintelligence team investigating Page moved over to the Mueller team.

So now we have the final piece of the puzzle. The Mueller investigation begins on May 17, 2017, fully 4-months after the FBI knows the Steele dossier is crap!

And this is why they are not releasing the Rod Rosenstein scope memos to Mueller. When these are finally released, look for Rosenstein's perjury. Thank You, Sundance.







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