Coronavirus Survey Reveals 13.9 Percent In New York Have COVID-19 Antibodies, Cuomo Says


Holy Mackerel, 21% of New York City infected!  If these numbers continue to hold here is what it means.

This means we are down near the mortality range for influenza. So this is nowhere near the OMG WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE hyperventilation of the Main Stream Media.

If the disease continues spreading at the current rate, herd immunity (80%) will be reached in late August. New York’s first patient was identified on March 1, 2020.

We continue to scratch our heads about China. With their patient zero identified on December 1, 2019, we don’t understand why there would not be millions of cases in China. Is their population that different from ours?

Description Number of People % of Population % of Positives
NYC Population 8,700,000 100%  
21% of Population 1,827,000 21% 100%
Cases 138,435 1.59% 7.58%
Hospitalized 35,920 0.41% 1.96%
Confirmed Deaths 9,944 0.11% 0.54%
Probable Deaths 5,052 0.05% 0.27%
Total Deaths 14,996 0.17% 0.82%
Updated April 22 NYC Health

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