PM Abe asks all of Japan schools to close over coronavirus and Woman reinfected after treatment

Corona Virus


This is an important story. Note the woman who was reinfected. We don't know exactly what this means. Was she not fully cured when released? Or was it a brand new version that reinfected her?  So until this is better studied we just don't know. This is not very good news.


"Japan’s entire school system, from elementary to high schools, will be asked to close from Monday until spring break late in March to help contain the coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Thursday. "

"A woman working as a tour bus guide was reinfected with the coronavirus, testing positive after having recovered from an earlier infection, Osaka’s prefectural government said. Her case, the first known of in Japan, highlighted how much is still unknown about the virus even as concerns grow about its global spread. "

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    commented 2020-02-27 20:19:29 -0600
    First Case in Lagos, Nigeria reported today, Feb. 27. Lagos is 27 million people with some of the highest housing density in the world and little sanitary infrastructure.

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