Let Law Enforsement Handle DHS Mess?

State Rep Says It Might Be Time for Law Enforcement to Handle Minnesota DHS Mess. Thank You, Alpha News.


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Costly Medicaid missteps could foretell bigger problems at troubled Minnesota agency

We don't often use stories from the Minneapolis Star because of its pay-wall. Many of our out-state readers do not have subscriptions and can't see it. This story was published yesterday, and for us, it was visible in both Firefox and TOR browsers but not Chrome.

"With $12.6 billion in outlays last year, Medicaid represents one of the biggest pieces of the Minnesota budget. The federal government pays for 56% of that, and when federal officials discover significant compliance problems, they seek to recapture federal money that Minnesota spent in violation of the laws and regulations."


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AG Ellison to monitor online speech?

Well, here it is. You long-time readers know we tried to get someone else elected. But that is water under the bridge. So this seems to us as the penalty side of the Chinese "Social Credit" monitoring system. These folks will do everything they can to get rid of the First Amendment because it does not work for them.

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Vote Splitters

Thank you, Maggie Alexander. " The reason that Democrat Steve Simon was elected in 2014 as Minnesota's Secretary of State is thanks to the Libertarians & Independents who conspired with the Democrats to defeat the GOP and put a DEMOCRAT in charge of Minnesota's elections."

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Good News

A little good news is always welcome. The story is at the link below.

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Republicans Request the ‘Whistleblower

The Republicans were given until today to turn over a list of witnesses for the coming public hearing. That story and a copy of the letter are at the link below.

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Minnesota DHS whistleblower says she faces retaliation, was told to seek therapy

The 14-year DHS employee first reported problems within state contracts this summer and says she was led out the building and had her employee badge taken from her. After testifying to a state Senate committee in August, Bernstein said she expected her situation to improve.
“It actually did the opposite,” Bernstein said, in her first TV interview. “If anything, I have experienced more retaliation since then.”


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