President releases transcript of 1st Zelensky phone call

The White House has released a transcript summary of President Donald J. Trump’s first phone call with newly-elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in April. The tone of the call was congratulatory as it took place within hours of Zelensky’s stunning election landslide.

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The Hammer

Some of the surveillance back story is a program called The Hammer. It is being called the key to the coup.


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Trump Admin Wants to Deny Work Permits to Migrants Who Entered the US Illegally

Sounds like the right way to treat someone who enters our home ILLEGALLY! Do you think ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS should share all the rights of LEGAL CITIZENS?

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Pelosi Folds??

U.S. House Speaker seeks to pass Mexico, Canada trade pact this year


So, Has the Speaker abandoned Adam Schiff? Or does she need to give her Representatives running for re-election something to tell the folks back home.  Perhaps a little bit of both. Yesterday was not a win for the Impeachment Inquiry. And this is certainly an about-face from earlier this year.

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1300 MN Contract Violations

Commissioners Skip Minnesota Senate Hearing After Report Shows 1300 Contract Violations Across Agencies

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