What The Pandemic Tells Us About The Need For Intel Reform – It All Begins With Collection

Corona Virus Surveillance

"How is it possible that we did not know (about the corona virus)? Consider the scope of the effort involved in suppressing news of an outbreak that was sweeping across an area occupied by literally hundreds of millions of Chinese. This was not a secret effort involving a handful of individuals in some secure facility somewhere. This was an effort stretching from the most senior levels of the Chinese government all the way down to the provincial and district level. Consider the many thousands of individuals who had inside knowledge of precisely what was happening. Consider how many phone calls, emails and other forms of communication were required to orchestrate the coverup of the largest viral outbreak in a century."

The article is a sales pitch for a book but it is a very important topic. On January 9th The WHO reported a flu outbreak in China. But it was fine no person to person transmission they said. When did our Intelligence Agencies know? And when did they communicate this to the Whitehouse?

What is not being talked about is there is this tiny company in Canada, whose subscribers found out about the Wuhan flu on New Year's Day, 2020. There are two links in the first comment that will tell you this tiny company's story.


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