MN Supreme Court won’t let group of moms defend parental notification law for abortions

"This case sets a terrible precedent that the courthouse door is open only to favored causes and activist groups," said one of the moms.

Read more over at Alpha News: https://alphanews.org/mn-supreme-court-wont-let-group-of-moms-defend-parental-notification-law-for-abortions/

Emergency powers law needs changes to prevent governors from seizing lawmakers’ power

A recent state Supreme Court decision lays the groundwork for another seizure of Minnesota's legislative power by this governor — or any future governor — for any claimed emergency in the future, without any need to prove one actually exists.

Read more over at Alpha News: https://alphanews.org/emergency-powers-law-needs-changes-to-prevent-governors-from-seizing-lawmakers-power/


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