RIGHT NOW MN Super PAC is the platform for your voice. Here you can learn more and find all of the frequently asked questions in regards to our Super PAC, donations, and user-navigation of our website. 



RIGHT NOW MN Super PAC is a non-profit Political Action Committee whose vision is to assist in the creation of a future full of endless opportunities for our families, children, and grandchildren. We are an organization that advocates on behalf of the 99% of Americans whose needs are not being met by the current crop of politicians.

The Super PAC is called RIGHT NOW USA. The State PACs are called RIGHT NOW Minnesota and are similarly designated for the other states. Please note that as of 2017, not all of the State PACs are in existence yet.

Who founded RIGHT NOW MN?


Elliot W. Olson – Founder and Chair

What is a Super PAC?


Technically known as independent expenditure-only committees, super PACs may raise UNLIMITED SUMS of money from corporations, unions, associations and individuals, then SPEND UNLIMITED SUMS to overtly advocate for or against political candidates.

What makes a Super PAC different from a traditional PAC?


Unlike traditional PACs, super PACs are PROHIBITED FROM DONATING money directly to political candidates, and their spending must not be coordinated with that of the candidates they benefit. Super PACs are required to report their donors to the Federal Election Commission on a monthly or semiannual basis – the super PAC's choice – in off -years, and monthly in the year of an election.


Super PACs are allowed to raise an unlimited amount of money and can accept contributions from companies, unions, individuals, nonprofit organizations, as to where traditional PACs are only able take money from individuals or other PACs and are limited by a $5,000 annual contribution limit that they can accept from individuals and are prohibited from accepting contributions from corporations and labor unions.

What are RIGHT NOW MN activities to date?



  • 4 Minnesota Election Races | 2,488,528 Impressions
  • FACEBOOK REACH           
  • 5,003,417  | 193,880 per week
  • 84,358
  • 5,920

How can we get into contact with Right Now MN?


Email us [email protected]

Address: 8200 Humboldt Ave S SUITE 213a, Bloomington, MN 55431

You can also get into contact with us by sending us your info!


How do we donate?


First, we would like to thank you in your interest to donate! We will help guide you on how to donate. Currently all of our donations are setup through the RAISE platform. Please see https://rightnowmn.nationbuilder.com/raise_faqs for more info. 

How much should we donate?


We ask that you join your friends in making small monthly donations to our PAC. Either $5.00 or $10.00 per month, roughly equal to a couple of Starbucks coffees.

We suggest that you keep it under $16.66 per month because the identities of donors making donations to a State PAC of over $200 per year have to be disclosed to either the Federal Election Commission or the various States Election Commissions. As a PAC, we do not disclose who our donors are; but at the $200 per year level we are required to disclose your information to the various election commissions and this may be found online.

Are my donations tax-deductable?


Your donations are not tax-deductable to our Super PAC. The IRS states, "You cannot deduct contributions made to a political candidate, a campaign committee, or a newsletter fund.  Advertisements in convention bulletins and admissions to dinners or programs that benefit a political party or political candidate are not deductible." 

Do I have to create a profile on RIGHT NOW MN?


No, but if you do, you have total control over what (if anything) is public.  Plus, members do enjoy a world without hate-spewing liberals from time-to-time!

How do I create a profile on Right Now MN?


Creating a profile is simple! Sign in by social media or through email. Please note profiles containing an email address will automatically be matched to their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Once matched, their picture, Twitter bio, and website will be added. 

How do I edit my profile?


A supporter can adjust these fields from the account settings page. 

What is displayed on my public profile?


Information that are displayed includes username, bio, website, and profile picture. These are also adjustable.

How do tags work on my profile?


Tags are like sticky notes you apply to a person's profile denoting an attribute they possess or some action they've taken. By clicking on a tag, you'll see everyone in your nation who have that tag.

How does following work?



Following is a useful feature on staying up to date with us and everyone connected with Right Now MN! It helps to create a unique and active community.

You can see who you are following by navigating to Network > follow within your profile. In this section, you can also see who is assigned to you, who follows you, who you have recruited, and any pages you have authored. You can also use this section to add or remove all people you’re following to a list.

This is an independent expenditure prepared and paid for by RIGHT NOW MINNESOTA, 8014 Olson Memorial HWY 55 #543 Golden Valley, MN 55427. It is not coordinated with or approved by any candidate nor is any candidate responsible for it.