Founder's Letter

90 S 7th Street, Suite 2800,  Minneapolis, MN 55402

Dear fellow Conservatives,

Are you increasingly troubled as you see our cities under assault by arsonists and looters while Democrat mayors and governors cheer them on?  Are you fearful for the Republic when you see colleges, universities and increasingly k-12 schools becoming institutions of radical leftist propaganda?  Is your common sense offended when the media joyfully portrays you and every other American as some combination of racist, sexist or homophobe?  Are you stunned seeing our constitutional right to due process fade away under the mindless cancel culture?

We are too.

At RIGHT NOW MINNESOTA (RIGHT NOW USA), we fight against the non-stop leftist attack on our country, our families and our freedoms.  RIGHT NOW MINNESOTA (RIGHT NOW USA) is a Superpac.  Our function is to provide the TRUTH on important issues to voters so they can make informed decisions about our future.  If the American media had any integrity, we would not be needed!

Some good news:  1. When the American People get the truth, Conservative Candidates win elections! 2. RIGHT NOW MINNESOTA (RIGHT NOW USA) is very effective at getting the TRUTH to voters.  Our team has literally decades of experience doing this and when we engage in a race, the Conservative wins over 92% of the time.

But, and it’s a big “but.”  Getting the TRUTH to voters takes money.

As an intelligent conservative, you have no doubt figured out that we are asking you for the financial support needed to win these races.  Let me make my case.

The assault from the radical left and their accomplices in academia and the media is not going to go away – you know this.

In addition to voting, each of us has essentially two choices:  complain to our friends or get involved.  We’re conservatives, we don’t march, we don’t burn, we don’t shout at restaurant patrons, WE FIX THINGS.  Right now that means getting to TRUTH out so Democrats can no longer provide cover for their Marxist friends.

If this makes sense to you, I hope you will click on theDonatebutton and sign up for the monthly contribution.  It’s not much money for any one of us, but combined together, it allows you and all Conservatives to MULTIPLY YOUR VOICE!

Respectfully yours,

Elliott Olson

P.S.  Your contribution stays entirely anonymous at the default level (under $200/year).   

This is an independent expenditure prepared and paid for by RIGHT NOW MINNESOTA, 8014 Olson Memorial HWY 55 #543 Golden Valley, MN 55427. It is not coordinated with or approved by any candidate nor is any candidate responsible for it.