Rochester counselor blows whistle on trans ‘guidelines’ that district was ‘trying to hide’

Rochester Public Schools student counselor Christina Barton said she’s willing to stand up for the truth, "even if it comes at a cost."  

Read more over at Alpha News: https://alphanews.org/rochester-counselor-blows-whistle-on-trans-guidelines-that-district-was-trying-to-hide/


Kersten: Extremist ideology has already hijacked Minnesota’s social studies classes

How did biased, ideologically freighted concepts of this kind become a centerpiece of what Minnesota students will soon learn in their social studies classrooms?

Read more over at Alpha News: https://alphanews.org/kersten-extremist-ideology-has-already-hijacked-minnesotas-social-studies-classes/


Democrats vote down amendment to ban ‘Zuckerbucks’ from Minnesota elections

In Minnesota, many county election departments across the state received "Zuckerbucks" in the form of grants.

Read more over at Alpha News: https://alphanews.org/democrats-vote-down-amendment-to-ban-zuckerbucks-from-minnesota-elections/


EXCLUSIVE: After being stabbed 22 times, Derek Chauvin suffers setbacks, double standards

Chauvin was copying documents in a federal prison law library at FCI Tucson when he was violently attacked. Since then, he says the documents he planned to file in court have gone "missing."

Read more over at Alpha News: https://alphanews.org/exclusive-after-being-stabbed-22-times-derek-chauvin-suffers-setbacks-double-standards/


Districts across Minnesota face major budget shortfalls

According to a February report from The 74, half of the "historic" $2.2 billion in new funding passed by Democrats during the 2023 session was tied to 65 new mandates.

Read more over at Alpha News: https://alphanews.org/districts-across-minnesota-face-major-budget-shortfalls/


Hundreds of high school students opt out of Osseo’s LGBTQ lesson

In June 2022, the Osseo school board approved an "LGBTQIA+ History and Culture Resolution."

Read more over at Alpha News: https://alphanews.org/hundreds-of-high-school-students-opt-out-of-osseos-lgbtq-lesson/


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