4 charged in Duluth drug trafficking bust that netted meth, fentanyl, and guns

Law enforcement uncovered evidence that the four individuals were responsible for transporting and selling over 10 kilograms of fentanyl and 20 kilograms of methamphetamine.

Read more over at Alpha News: https://alphanews.org/4-charged-in-duluth-drug-trafficking-bust-that-netted-meth-fentanyl-and-guns/


Charges: Derek Chauvin stabbed 22 times in prison by former FBI informant, gang member

According to media reports, Turscak was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2001 and is a former Mexican Mafia gang member who worked as an FBI informant.

Read more over at Alpha News: https://alphanews.org/charges-derek-chauvin-stabbed-22-times-in-prison-by-former-fbi-informant-gang-member/


Protesters fill meeting at Capitol calling for divestment from Israel

One Democratic legislator, Sen. Ron Latz, spoke out against the BDS movement at a press conference ahead of the meeting.

Read more over at Alpha News: https://alphanews.org/protesters-fill-meeting-at-capitol-calling-for-divestment-from-israel/


Biological male convicted of murder transferred to women’s prison

"Bradley Richard Sirvio, a biological male, is a convicted murderer who is imprisoned for life."

Read more over at Alpha News: https://alphanews.org/biological-male-convicted-of-murder-transferred-to-womens-prison/


Stock trade of Sen. Tina Smith’s husband draws scrutiny

Archie Smith purchased between $100,001 and $250,000 worth of stock in Tactile Systems Technology Inc. on Nov. 8, 2023. Since this purchase by the senator's husband, Tactile Systems' stock has increased by 40%.

Read more over at Alpha News: https://alphanews.org/stock-trade-of-sen-tina-smiths-husband-draws-scrutiny/


Homeless man charged with murder in ‘random’ stabbing at Edina bus stop

Court records show that Adam Jami Garcia, 32, has been repeatedly released from custody on zero bail in several cases over the last two years.

Read more over at Alpha News: https://alphanews.org/homeless-man-charged-with-murder-in-random-stabbing-at-edina-bus-stop/


Derek Chauvin’s family, attorney say they’ve been kept in dark about prison stabbing

"We have attempted to contact the Bureau of Prisons regarding the media reports regarding Mr. Chauvin and we have not heard back," Chauvin's attorney said.

Read more over at Alpha News: https://alphanews.org/derek-chauvins-family-attorney-say-theyve-been-kept-in-dark-about-prison-stabbing/


Minneapolis car prowlers captured on video in U of M off-campus housing area

Police were able to detain one of the suspects who reportedly fell off of his bicycle while the other suspect was able to escape.

Read more over at Alpha News: https://alphanews.org/minneapolis-car-prowlers-captured-on-video-in-u-of-m-off-campus-housing-area/


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