Self-described ‘Walz Checks’ blasted as ‘election year gimmick’

Gov Walz

“Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz is proposing a new budget package that includes $700 million worth of direct payments to Minnesotans called “Walz Checks.”  But Minnesota Republicans are blasting the checks as a distraction, an “election-year gimmick,” and something that’s no longer good policy.”

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Senator calls for audit on all COVID-related funds following FBI raid of Minnesota nonprofit

Feeding Our Future,

“In light of a recent FBI raid on a Minnesota nonprofit over alleged fraudulent spending, one Minnesota state senator is calling for an audit on all COVID-related funds and spending.  Sen. Roger Chamberlain, a Republican from Lino Lakes, serves as chair of the chamber’s education committee. He called for the audits in a statement released Friday afternoon.”

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Calgary Starts to Feel the Pain of U.S-Canada Government Vaccine Mandate on Truckers

Trucker Vaccine Mandate

“Effective today, all U.S. and Canadian cross-border truckers must show their vaccination passport in order to deliver their loads.  Approximately 15% of Canadian truckers and approximately 50% of U.S. truckers are not vaccinated.   The logistics and distribution of food supplies into and out of Canada are collapsing.”

To say politicians and bureaucrats aren't very bright would be entirely too charitable.

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Non-Citizen Voting Push Is Part Of Agenda To Rid America Of Citizenship: Election Expert

New York

“The recent New York City law to allow at least 800,000 noncitizens to vote in municipal elections is unconstitutional and likely to be overturned in court, said Hans von Spakovsky, manager of the Heritage Foundation’s election law reform initiative and former member of the Federal Election Commission.

“It’s actually pretty clear that it violates the New York State Constitution—it has a provision that specifically says that you have to be a citizen to vote in all elections in the state of New York, and that includes local elections,” Spakovsky told The Epoch Times on Jan. 19.

“I also think it is bad from a policy point of view, because it basically cheapens and diminishes the concept of citizenship.”


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The Dam Is Breaking: Small Businesses Band Together To Sue Mayor Over Vaccine Mandate

Vaccine Mandate

“Backlash against vaccine mandates is growing across the country.  Businesses in Minneapolis are now suing Democrat Mayor Jacob Frey over his vaccine mandate.  The complaint says the mandate is “calculated and purposed to attempt to prod the general public toward vaccination.”  They also accuse Frey of using the bars and restaurants as “pawns.””

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Wife Stands Off With Hospital To Keep Her Husband Alive, And Wins

Mercy Hospital

“On Jan. 15, Scott was transferred out of Mercy Hospital and taken to an undisclosed hospital in Texas, where Holsten said the doctors have reported Scott to be malnourished, having lost 30 pounds underweight, and dehydrated.  “One doctor said he didn’t know how Scott made it out of that hospital alive,” Quiner said. “He looked at his chart and said, ‘I can’t believe the heavy, sedating drugs they put him on.’”

You could call this medical kidnapping.

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