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  • William Wells
    commented 2020-06-25 14:38:34 -0500
    Attn: Mr. John Middleton Phiadelphia Phillies Philadelphia, PA

    Dear Mr. Middleton:

    I would like to discuss a treatment for Covid-19 with you which should be of interest to you now that your players have it. Being homeopathic nobody in the medical community will acknowledge it including Dr. Fauci.

    Five minutes ago, I telephoned Leading Thoughts, and when I introduced myself and told the person I had a treatment for colds she hung up on me, which is typical of the responses I get when I try and talk to people involved with Covid-19 medical treatment. I can never talk with the key people involved with Covid-19, and the staff I talk with tell me that I will be called back, and it never happens. This treatment has been known about since 1665. When presented with my experience with my own usage, and how and why it works and would work on Covid-19 it is difficult to understand how the epidemiologists and other doctors just don’t get it. I even emailed the entire faculty of John Hopkins Nursing School, most of the Karolinska Institute, and all kinds of institutions. Whether people have been buying my book on Amazon, I don’t know and won’t know for a month or two. I resurrected my book marketing when I realized it might work on Covid-19, and soon realized that it would. It is so elementary as to be beyond belief, and if proven to work it would have saved thousands and thousands of lives if this treatment had been used earlier.

    I would like you to arrange testing to show that this treatment works on Covid-19. It is over the counter so it should not need any special blessing to test it on some of the hundreds of thousands of people who have contracted it. I believe I had it, and it passed me by with a slight cough for a week and a half, as I had family members who had all the symptoms living around me. I have not had a cold or virus in over four years since I discovered this treatment.

    Several years ago I stumbled across a treatment for colds. Recent British Studies on Covid-19 indicate that my treatment would kill Covid-19 in the Nares and Nasal Passages, as for the lungs possibly.
    As early as 1665 it was known that vinegar killed infectious bacteria and germs. My cold treatment involves Apple Cider Vinegar.

    The history of the plague began in 1665 when a bundle of cloth arrived from London. Within a week the man who opened it up was dead and more began dying in his household soon after.

    The village went under self-imposed quarantine so as not to infect neighboring communities, and the villagers placed rocks in a 1-mile circle around Eyam to create their isolation zone. Over the next few months, no one entered or left the town.

    Nearby villages would leave food and supplies by the rocks in return for coins that were soaked in vinegar thinking it would prevent the plague from spreading.

    I wish I could say there was a happy ending. It is unknown exactly how many perished. It is said 380 out of 900 villagers died, and the plague ended some nine months later and the residents were able to travel outside the village again.

    Imagine a world without Colds

    Also, this treatment may work on Covid-19 as per British Studies about how a 6% acetic acid solution kills

    coronaviruses destroying their cells and knocks out TB.

    Apple Cider Vinegar is 5% Acetic Acid which may kill the coronaviruses on contact.
    Seems the medical world wants to go thru all kinds of testing. My No More Colds treatment has worked for me. With all these people dying you would think that doctors would be willing to test this out. It is apple cider vinegar at the grocery store. All the titration I had done indicated that the 5% acidic content listed on the label has a 2.5 pH from the acetic acid. That is the key to lowering the pH in the nose stopping the viruses from multiplying and probably even killing them off. Somebody just needs to do it. At least do the nasal treatment and see what the results are.

    My treatment involves using apple cider vinegar, and the whole deal is that it changes the pH in the nasal passages to acidic so that viruses and colds can’t breed. Viruses thrive in a 5.0 pH to 7.0 pH. I think it would work on coronaviruses as it is based on the same principal I think that for people who have contracted coronavirus that it would help knock it down, and the recovery process shortened. For those with coronavirus symptoms, I think for most people it would prevent them from coming down with it, and if it was a cold or virus would stave it off. So either way people are not sickened or become less sick.
    With this application resulting in a lower pH under 5.0 in the nares and nasal passages this should inhibit the coronaviruses from multiplying in the nares and nasal passages. The CDC needs to test this to see if it would work. By inhaling these vapors once applied in the nares, I have no idea how it might work on coronaviruses multiplying in the lungs. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar is used by many who claim it works for them to prevent colds, most drinking it every day.

    Inhaling the Apple Cider Vinegar vapors which contain acetic acid which has a 2.5 pH as titrated could change the pH in the lungs so that the coronaviruses could not multiply and would die off and in not multiplying not letting the illness become more full blown.
    In the last month, several times I have had a stuffy nose in the middle of the night and had difficulty breathing through my nostrils. A dab of apple cider vinegar sprayed onto the tip of my left index finger and dabbed into both nostrils from a small Dollar Store spray bottle and the congestion was gone in five minutes, no telling if it killed off any cold germs or coronaviruses.

    No More Colds by William Wells. Consult with your doctor before trying.

    My idea to market this never got off the ground because it was homeopathic. Chester County Industrial Development would not work with me to market it for this reason. The proof was that it worked for me. Being homeopathic anyone could knock it off. It was simply a matter of putting a small spray bottle of apple cider vinegar in a box and putting it alongside all the cold medicines on the pharmacy shelves and being the first to market it and get acceptance and get market share.
    I talked with a pharmacist at Rite Aid, and he knew about putting apple cider vinegar in your nose to relieve congestion, the only pharmacist I ever talked to who had any idea how this worked. As for its effect on coronaviruses in the nose and nasal passages, the lower pH should keep them from multiplying, and the viruses would die off. By not multiplying that would inhibit I would think the virus from becoming more full blown in the body. But that all needs to be validated to go forward with government approval.

    It seems after all my endeavoring I finally came up with a why and how that this might actually knock off the coronaviruses in the lungs. It was so simple. You inhale it.

    I just could not imagine it. I could only imagine it when it was incubating in the nose.
    So, this would explain how Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar works that in swallowing it the acetic acid vapors go into the lungs and nasal passages.

    It should be easy to find out if this will work on coronaviruses.

    I thought of the idea of making an inhaler to dispense apple cider vinegar vapors or something conquerable into the lungs to lower the pH in the lungs which is said to be 7.4. My research years ago found out that the blood pH is 7.3 and 7.0 is thrown around as well, but 7.3 seems to be the blood pH so if this would lower the lung pH environment in any amount this might destroy or stop the coronaviruses from multiplying which is causing the congestion and ultimate death of the afflicted.

    Since this Coronavirus pandemic, recently I have come to believe that acetic acid kills the colds and viruses upon contact. I was of the opinion that changing the pH in the nasal cavities was the key to controlling colds and viruses, but both things could be factors and even the way Apple Cider Vinegar is processed may have something to do with controlling colds and viruses. When Apple Cider Vinegar is produced, the first stage process is finished when a chemical reaction known as “the Mother” is produced – a filmy coagulation that is skimmed off.


    William Wells
    When you realize that a 6% solution of acetic acid kills coronaviruses and ACV is 5% and understand that the nose recirculates and warms air in the Nasal Passages and incubates colds and viruses, it is real easy to understand how sniffing ACV in the Nares can kill Covid-19 in the Nares and Nasal Passages.
  • George B
    commented 2020-06-09 16:08:08 -0500
    On this page of yours (link below) you have a link to an article (that lists companies that support antifa and BLM) that used to be on, but suspended that account so no one can see that article.
  • Sharlene Sharlene
    commented 2020-06-08 07:44:53 -0500
  • jeff Berman
    commented 2020-05-21 14:17:03 -0500
    Hi, I’m with KQRS Radio and can deliver your message to hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans! Is there someone I could speak with about using radio?Thanks, Jeff Berman
  • Mark Robinson
    commented 2020-04-17 18:36:54 -0500
    Is there any peer review or is this just a bujch of bullshit like trump? SuperPac has this but CDC doesnt? totally unbelievable .
  • F K
    commented 2020-04-14 00:12:20 -0500
    Video not working
  • David Solomon
    commented 2020-03-27 19:44:22 -0500
    If you examine the history of disease, every disease conquered by humanity has a “EUREKA!” moment. That moment happens when somebody studies a disease that is plaguing humanity and pieces together what will work to cure it. I assure you that humanity has already had that “EUREKA!” moment for COVID-19 and related diseases. The solution is ZINC used with ZINC IONOPHORES.

    An incurable disease is like a mathematical equation that needs to be solved. That’s what laboratories around the world are trying to do: Solve the COVID-19 “equation” so that it equals CURE instead of DEATH. Let’s look at this chronologically:

    A study of ZINC IONOPHORES from 2009 showed that they counter disease:

    In 2014, ZINC IONOPHORES were explored in a study on “Chloroquine.”

    That same year, another study was done on Quercetin as a ZINC IONOPHORE:

    When Trump announced “Chloroquine” as a solution to the COVID-19 crisis, he didn’t know what he was talking about. And he harmed people around the world by recommending a pharmaceutical drug based on a now debunked French study:

    An Austrian and German doctor worked together on this presentation:

    Check out the information underneath the video. There are many links to explore. I think Franz Wiesbauer from needs to be interviewed by the American media.

    Wiesbauer explains how ZINC IONOPHORES work in an earlier video about the potential of “Chloroquine” to treat COVID-19:

    What has frustrated me about Trump’s recent public health misinformation is that he does not understand that what makes “Chloroquine” work is ZINC. He is ignorant about public health and should leave all public health matters to medical professionals and researchers. Trump and FOX News both used the debunked French study to promote a pharmaceutical drug that doesn’t work well to treat COVID-19 without ZINC present. Just a few days ago a study came out saying that “Chloroquine” will not cure COVID-19:

    And this:

    That’s because ZINC has to be used with a ZINC IONOPHORE to cure COVID-19. It’s not the “Chloroquine” that cures the disease, it’s ZINC. “Chloroquine” is merely the conveyor of the ZINC. But ZINC tablets or lozenges are not enough when a person is extremely ill from COVID-19. Much larger amounts of ZINC need to be directed at the cells, deep into the cells. “Chloroquine” used in younger people who still have the ability to absorb ZINC in their bodies will work better than trying it on older people who have chronic ZINC deficiency issues. The longer a person lives, the less able they are to absorb ZINC and need it supplemented in their diet. People with lowered immune systems will have a lower ZINC level than a healthy person. It is logical to conclude that nursing care residents need ZINC on a daily basis and possibly a ZINC IONOPHORE with it when ill with COVID-19.

    But it’s dangerous to use pharmaceutical drugs like “Chloroquine” as a cure for COVID-19 on older people because “Chloroquine” can cause heart failure. Trump is responsible for all the people harmed as a result of his bad advice to take “Chloroquine.” Look at this: There are many ZINC IONOPHORES that can cure COVID-19 in conjunction with ZINC. For example, QUERCETIN PHYTOSOME is a highly absorbable ZINC IONOPHORE that does not have the side effects that “Chloroquine” has. Researchers and medical professionals are in the process of finding out what works and what doesn’t. There are many solutions to the COVID-19 problem, many cures for that whole category of related diseases. The common denominator for any cure is to get ZINC deep into the body’s cells.

    I suppose that pharmaceutical companies are trying to patent ZINC IONOPHORES, but there are many of them so the cure will not be monopolized. Bill Gates, in my opinion, is spending money the wrong way by investing in vaccinations and pharmaceutical drug experiments designed to make cures profitable. Bill’s approach to public health problems unfortunately gives rise to conspiracy theories about population control and pharmaceutical industry world domination. But no one can control ZINC. It acts as a vaccination against COVID-19 and related diseases — and (when used with ZINC IONOPHORES) is also the cure.

    It is interesting to note that Type A blood types are more susceptible to COVID-19 than Type O blood types:

    This is understandable since Type O blood types eat more meat which has ZINC in it. Type O blood types will generally have higher levels of ZINC in their bodies which protects them from disease and helps them to recover quicker from illness.

    The key to solving humanity’s plagues has always been to understand the causes. That’s obvious. Rickets was cured with vitamin D, “scurvy” was cured with vitamin C. Someone first had to understand that the diseases were caused by vitamin deficiencies and then explain it to others. That’s how humanity’s understanding of those diseases changed over time. Today, these diseases are controllable with supplements. COVID-19 and related diseases have to do with ZINC deficiency. And since ZINC cannot be patented and the supply cannot be controlled, pharmaceutical companies are struggling to find a way to monetize the cure for COVID-19. But we already have the cure. We just need to refocus on saving lives and preventing the disease by increasing amounts of ZINC for health maintenance and using ZINC IONOPHORES for people who are extremely ill and approaching death.

    Let’s do it!!

    God bless you,

    David Solomon
  • Maria Infantino
    commented 2020-03-27 17:31:31 -0500
    I would ask you kindly the permission to use the image of Spike coronarisu structure (N,S,etc) ? it would be essential for a review on serological tests that I’m submitting. Of course I will write in the legend what you will ask to do. Please give me a feeedback asap. Thanks in advance
  • Dr. Christopher Binetti
    commented 2020-03-26 13:39:29 -0500
    Dear Right Now Minnesota,

    I saw your article on Conte and Italy. He already had declared martial law in all but name. he is simply doing to Lombardy what he declared that we would to the whole country. I can really help you on this story. It is essential to denounce Conte as the would-be dictator and authoritarian that he is. He is not acting in good faith.


    Dr. Christopher Binetti

    p.S. I am not conservative but we are on the same side on this one issue.