What is an interagency?

On a cool Tuesday in October Lt Col Alexander Vindman testified before a congressional committee looking for evidence to impeach the President of the United States. Lt Col Vindman is a twenty year army veteran who has been wounded in Iraq and now serves on the National Security Council. His service, patriotism and love of country are admirable. He is a good guy. However, Lt Col Vindman made a statement that is problematic.
Lt Col. Vindman referred to “outside influence promoting a false narrative of Ukraine, inconsistent with the consensus of the interagency.”
What is the interagency? What agencies are involved? Is the interagency consensus always right? What if the President disagrees with the interagency? If the president does not listen to the interagency should he then be impeached? Who elected the interagency? Who are the outside influences?
One should find it troubling that a group of bureaucrats should conclude that since they agree with each other they are right, questioning is wrong and other groups tasked with a parallel job are both inconsistent and endanger national security,
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