A New Paper from China brings some disturbing new evidence about the Virus


If you are medically inclined, you might find this story disturbing. We should remark that the paper evoking the story has not been peer-reviewed. The story is printed in the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post and the authors are all from institutions in Guangdong, China.

Here are the key take-a-ways. The virus uses the same strategy as HIV and some other viruses like Hepatitis-B to evade the immune system. The virus apparently causes a downregulation of the MHC-1 which is in all nucleated cells of the body. This downregulation causes MHC-1 to disappear from the surface of the infected cell depriving the immune system of the necessary information to combat the virus, rendering CD-8 T-cells, NK-cells, and macrophages ineffective.

Secondly, any vaccine that wants to use the presence of the upregulated MHC-1 protein as part of their immunization strategy will probably be doomed to failure.

Third, if this virus is successful in escaping immune detection it may well become a chronic condition, especially in asymptomatic carriers.

Forth, the paper reports that chloroquine restores the surface expression (upregulation) of MHC-1.

Fifth, It appears that the virus routes the downregulated MHC-1 molecule to the cell's late endosomes or lysosomes for destruction. So, not only is the MHC-1 not on the surface of the cell but the virus destroys it.

With all this in mind, remember that the paper has not been peer-review and the study needs to be duplicated. Also, remember that this is China and there has been some misinformation before. The paper's link is in the first comment


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