A Serious Issue in Minnesota: The Opioid Epidemic



Imagine if a 747 airliner crashed every single day, taking the lives of 300 Americans. We would unquestionably declare this a national emergency. Yet, why aren't we raising the same urgent alarm when 300 Americans are lost every day due to the illegal influx of opioids and fentanyl through our Southern border?

For those who may not be aware of this devastating and current reality, consider these sobering facts:

  • Fentanyl surpasses morphine in potency by 50 to 100 times and is significantly more potent than heroin.
  • Over 20 Minnesotans fall victim to opioid overdoses each week. Opioid-related overdose fatalities among Minnesotans surged by 43% from 2020 to 2021, with deaths more than doubling since 2019.
  • Nationally, drug-related deaths reached a grim milestone in 2022, claiming the lives of 109,680 individuals.

Regrettably, the Democrats in Minnesota, who currently control the governor's office, state House, and state Senate, have exacerbated this crisis. Their approach to aiding addicts includes distributing free syringes through needle programs, establishing safe injection sites, and decriminalizing drug traffickers. During the last legislative session, the DFL and Governor Walz passed an unprecedented number of laws in a highly partisan manner, giving scant consideration to bills, amendments, or input from Republicans.

The situation is even bleaker at the federal level. Joe Biden's administration has allowed the Southern border crisis to worsen, ensuring that lethal drugs continue to flow into our country, harming Americans nationwide.

Right Now Minnesota is committed to working tirelessly every day to support candidates and legislators who stand in opposition to these detrimental policies, both within Minnesota and at the federal level. Elections indeed have consequences, and regrettably, this crisis is one of them. Will you consider taking action today to support our endeavors? We are dedicated to electing candidates genuinely concerned about this crisis and committed to finding real and lasting solutions, rather than relying on "quick fixes" such as safe injection sites and free needles.

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