Alpha News: ‘Join the communists’: Minneapolis to play host to ‘Marxist School’

"The 2023 Marxist School, organized by a group called International Marxist Tendency (IMT), is coming to Minneapolis at the end of September.

“Join the communists!” a website for the event says.

The event will include discussion of Marxist theories and “revolutionary strategy” with multiple sessions over a two-day period. Tickets for the communist event range from $20, for those who are students or unemployed, to $60, for those who want to partner in “solidarity.”

“World capitalism is in crisis. Millions of people are looking toward communist ideas to find a way out of the impasse. Revolution is on the agenda in country after country,” the event description reads.

Other Marxist Schools are being held in New York City, Phoenix, Ariz., and Bellingham, Wash."

Read more over at Alpha News:

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