Changes in Net Worth of U.S. Senators and Representatives

Harry Truman

One of our departed friends, many years ago, had to testify in Washington DC about various land policy matters. He did this many times. He said it gave him the opportunity to see how "Our Employees", he called them, were doing. In those days there were surface parking lots.  He said he was always disappointed by the number of Cadillacs and Lincolns that were waiting for their owners.  One of our very much alive friends posted this today; which gives a different perspective of how "our employees" are doing.  Thanks and kudos to Don H.

Please note that the below figures do not include amounts to other family members nor to various not-for-profits that may be run by "our employees".

Many of you have seen glimpses of what has gone on in Ukraine, so, it should not be surprising that this happens.  Highly Recommended Reading.

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