Combating COVID-19 with Zinc and Quercetin

Corona Virus Treatment

A South Korean research paper has demonstrated in Vitro that by increasing the Zinc concentration in cellular cytoplasm, that viral replication is inhibited. As intracellular levels of Zinc are increased the inhibition of viral replication can reach 100% according to charts within the paper.

Like quercetin, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCE) that is also available in capsules. It is a green tea extract. And there could very well be others.

We suggest you look at the video in the comments also.

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  • Pauline Vereker
    commented 2020-06-14 11:16:09 -0500
    I’m very interested in this. Can you please provide a link to the paper? Or let us know which Journal it was published in? I’d like to verify it.
  • Admin 2
    commented 2020-06-14 10:50:03 -0500
    Over the last couple of months, this post has been pretty popular. Neal thank you for your comments. The White House gets it. The CDC, FDA, and WHO want to benefit other agendas so, they are not on-board. If you would like to know more about the molecular biology of zinc, we found the following video helpful as to what an ionophore does;
  • Neal R Monda
    commented 2020-04-07 22:10:17 -0500
    Science, studies, experience, show ZINC + IONOPHORE, HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE kills corona.Non-prescription QUERCETIN is a zinc ionophore.
    Armed w/zinc+ionophore, hygiene awareness, 20 immunity aids, common sense & courage, we can face a world where disease never could be eliminated!
    This isn’t some wacky idea.
    We don’t have time for proof we need to be the proof.
    There is no harm in raising zinc levels and using any number of Ionophores.
    But how do we get through to the White House CDC and FDA and WHO?
  • Admin 2
    commented 2020-03-29 07:26:50 -0500
    From a Conservative Treehouse commenter: Jeff, Kane, Rudy Giuliani has a great interview with a doctor in New York who is reporting 100% success (ZERO deaths) over the past nine days using the Hydroxy Chloroquine, Azithromycin and Zinc cocktail.

    Here is the video. I realize this gainsays somewhat the thrust of the message of the New Orleans physician, but the KEY is to hit the virus hard and early, immediately upon onset of symptoms. By the time patients are intubated and on respirators in the ICU, it is often too late.

    Please spread this video, starting at 1:25:

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