Covid-19 Vaccination The Big Ifs

COVID-19 and Vaccine

A commonly heard presumption is that healthcare workers should be vaccinated first.  But what if the vaccines induce immediate or latent adverse reactions that sideline these first responders and frontline workers?  It could be a catastrophe.  And if for some reason the vaccines spread COVID-19 rather than quell it (there is such a thing as vaccine-induced infection), what a way to create an out-of-control pandemic.

Yes, we would recommend that you don't post this on Facebook or Twitter as they don't like negative articles on vaccines. However, if you are over 50, this may change your life. Copy/Paste the URL to share by email. Note the section that talks about the thymus and its shrinkage. And read the paper at the link; zinc is required for maintenance of the thymus gland. You and your loved ones may benefit from this.  If you google "thymic decline and zinc", you will find that there are more than 800,000 results posted.  Thank you, Bill Sardi for this illuminating post.

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