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Katherine Rae

As a military veteran and Registered Nurse, my #walkaway story is somewhat unique. I grew up staunchly liberal, even marching on Capitol Hill for a Planned Parenthood rally in my teenage years, before I knew the depth, sanctity, and beauty of pregnancy as a mother myself.

When I joined the military, then lead by President George Bush, of course, I had to reign in my personal opinions so to serve the mission of the Navy and respect our leadership.

It wasn't until I was about 21 years old, when I was close to getting out... that I experienced a run-in with a liberal that I'll never forget. I was home on leave, attending lunch after church with my family in my dress whites...and was approached by a woman looking to be in her mid 30's. She then told me I ought to be ashamed of myself, serving in an unjust war, intentionally helping murder civilians overseas. I was shocked...hurt...embarrassed. I then realized that it didn't matter if I was "one of them".... if I deviated from their anti-America, anti-republican mission in any way....they would shame me...they would drag me through the mud.

Today, I am a liberal's worst nightmare. I am a minority, in some respects. I am a single mother to a beautiful biracial child, educated and empowered, a Registered Nurse, with an active platform in many organizations within my community. I pride myself on being female and Republican. I never felt the sense of family and togetherness with the Democrats as I do with Republicans.

Never stop speaking... continue to be a voice for good. Never stop loving America and what we stand for. No matter how much they try to slander you, they will get theirs. #KeepAmericaGreat #MAGA2020

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