Gohmert: Trump Presidency Exposed Scope of Deep State Corruption


From one of the commenters: "As of 2012, The UN boasted 193 members, and the U.S. provided economic assistance to 184 of them or 96% of the countries in the world.

Now that we have seen the corruption of a US vice president in Ukraine, the question has to be asked as to how much of the foreign aid to the other 183 countries finds its way back to the DC swamp year after year? Are we seeing just the tip of an iceberg?"


"How else would the vast majority of Congress critters, their families & friends, become multi-millionaires while in office if not for corruption such as this? Why else would any sane person who is not already a billionaire, spend millions to campaign for a Congressional job that pays at most 200-300 grand a year?"



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