The Effect of Vote Splitting

One of the things you will hear around election time is to vote your conscience. Well, the DFL does not do that, they want you to do that because it keeps the DFL in power. So, a low turnout mid-term election is easy pickings for them.

If you were to look at the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board website, you would find that there was less than $1000 given to the Legal Marijuana Now Party in 2018. And we found there were no contributions to Noah M. Johnson for 2018.  Of the Legal Marijuana Now Party, there were only 3 donors and two of those also gave to the DFL.  Do you see how this works?  For almost no money you can set up a straw man party and defeat the Republicans. So the Legal Marijuana Now Party is just a sham and they have no ability to get you legal marijuana.

Thanks to Maggie Alexander for her write-up.






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