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Thank you Clivus for the historical context. "

There are a multitude of reasons the democrat left are regularly exhibiting psychotic behavior in public lately, but the fact that a successful capitalist has turned the economy around in record time in the wake of a failed, wannabe socialist – a guy they talked themselves into believing was their progressive messiah of color – is probably the top reason.

The left spent decades lying about the Reagan recovery and smearing his policies to the point where they thought they finally had disappeared it down the memory hole in perpetuity. They have actually cultivated a dumbed down democrat base who would vote for people who promise to raise their taxes.

0bama thought he had us frog-boiled & content with a flat, stagnant economy – his “new economy” – and (with the help of the 0bamacare mandates) on a nice easy glide slope toward an eventual government command & control system which Her Royal Thighness, Madam Hillary, would fully & irrevocably institutionalize.

Then Trump happened, we’re in a Reagan redux (thanks Larry Kudlow et. al.), the Leftisphere is on the brink of implosion and being driven absolutely bonkers . . . . albeit a pretty short drive to begin with.

I’m enjoying this immensely."


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