Facebook Censors Wall Street Journal Over ‘Fact Checked’ Coronavirus Op-Ed by Johns Hopkins Surgeon

Herd Immunity

“Facebook’s fact-checkers have come for the Wall Street Journal, causing the mainstream newspaper to be censored on the world’s largest social network, after the Journal published an op-ed from a Johns Hopkins surgeon who argued that the United States is likely to achieve herd immunity to the COVID-19 virus by April.”

We keep hearing about herd immunity and wonder. What does that even mean for a Coronavirus? Coronavirus is part of the common colds group of viruses and we have not heard of flu having a herd immunity. We don't know of any science that says this virus may be susceptible to herd immunity. We realize that this is what the scientists hope for but it may not happen. There is good news though. Most epidemics last only a year or so anyway. Maybe that is due to herd immunity or maybe the bugs just run out of steam. We don't know.


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