FDA Withdraws Emergency Authorization For Hydroxychloroquine After HHS Official Makes Request


“The Food and Drug Administration said in a Monday letter that it has revoked its authorization for the emergency use authorization (EUA) governing the use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19. Of significant note, none of the studies cited include the use of zinc - which has been widely cited as the 'key' in which HCQ provides a tunnel into cells to halt virus replication.”

Are you smelling a rat yet? So, we are going to kill more Grandmothers in nursing homes?

UPDATE: We are going to leave our snarky comments up but now have a new opinion. The EUA apparently only applied to the Drugs donated to the National stockpile. This order was written by Dr. Rick Bright meant that the donated drugs could only be used in a hospital setting and not in an outpatient setting. Not all of the national stockpile is donated. Hence, wider outpatient use may now be permitted. So we apologize to the FDA for the snarky comments.

Also, note the first comment for additional information.


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