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Dear Reader, You're behind the times' scribe was taken to the woodshed and schooled on how to get the images that lead these articles over to Facebook. If you log in to this site at least once, using your Facebook credentials, you may now post to your Facebook account. Please use the Facebook buttons on the post (click on the post headline) rather than the main page with all the posts. We have gone back to the first of the year and made those changes for most stories. Going forward we will be more diligent.

On this site, we post longer stories that we hope gives you some more insight as to what is happening. We think your newspapers and TV will not provide many of these. Remember, Democracy and Republics die in darkness.

Please be judicious as to what stories you post as some of these are not Facebook friendly and may get you a warning about community standards. And please sign up with us, the sign-up tag is under the about above. An then you may make comments. But please keep them clean in regards to language.

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