Deep Dive: Just Security (Dot) Org


"Understanding this ongoing process is the key to understanding a new “Leak Clearing House” created with this intent in mind. The clearing house is JustSecurity.Org

The “Just Security” group is similar to the “Lawfare” group. Their purpose is to receive and then distribute leaked material. They will be leaking material from Mueller, via the House teams, as well as material from current insider operations from the resistance."

Thank You, Sundance. We recommend you read this and wonder who is funding all of this.


Our question was answered by a commenter who did some digging. Thanks to WSB.  “First established in 2013, the website was based at the Law School’s Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, before being relocated to the Reiss Center in September 2018, shortly after the latter’s renaming. It is funded by NYU’s School of Law as well as the Atlantic Philanthropies and Open Society Foundations—both founded and chaired by George Soros.” This is an honor roll post.

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