Minnesota Democrats Introduce Bill Mandating What Drinks Restaurants Can Serve with Children’s Meals

MINNESOTA’S DEMOCRATS WANT TO CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN ORDER FOR YOUR CHILDREN WHEN YOU ARE OUT TO EAT! What’s next, coming into your home and checking your refrigerator? To get more real and uncensored news check us out at: https://www.rightnowmn.org/

Read the full article here: https://theminnesotasun.com/2020/02/14/minnesota-democrats-introduce-bill-mandating-what-drinks-restaurants-can-serve-with-childrens-meals/?fbclid=IwAR3RR3fiQ0OkkBaVl2AG-uonJjjy1h2mvnT4ph42u7SJs1gHypGnzRu9UL4

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