The Kids Can't Help It.

The CIA has three functions. They spy on people, they fiddle with people’s minds and they stop things that move. It is only natural that the people that they employ would be attracted to and have a propensity to carry out those functions in a successful manner. This can serve us well when their talents, energy and expertise are directed toward an enemy. However, it can become problematic if they decide the enemy is US.

While civil servants are expected to be politically neutral they are human. Sometimes their political beliefs can have an effect on their work, but more often their work is affected by institutional processes that funnel work into expected channels. Any change in the process will upset the true bureaucrat.

After the last election, crisis occurred in American politics. The losing party rather than admitting defeat and pledging to work with the new government decided to Resist. With a call to resist many civil servants were caught in a dilemma between their beliefs and duties, much to the detriment of the country.

How is one to resist in the CIA? You do what you love! You spy. The CIA was in the White House where they could snoop and develop unwitting assets. They got warrants and tapped phones. They fiddled with people’s minds through leaks, whistle-blower charges and misinformation. They stopped things from moving with investigations. The kids can’t help it. That is what they like to do.

The kids have always liked to mess in the kitchen which is why they need to be controlled. In 1975 the Church Committee uncovered abuses at the CIA and other agencies. One result of the Committee’s findings was the establishment of the Senate Intelligence Committee. It is ironic that on December 9th the Inspector General in The Department of Justice will give a 500 page report to the Senate Intelligence Committee on the biggest government abuse of citizen surveillance in 44 years.

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