Nattering Nabobs of Negativism

I like to think that I am a positive person but sometimes I find myself in a funk. Not much has changed in life but things now looked a little different. Over the last weekend I was starting to feel that way, gray. The political news was not that great. The polls were showing a swing for impeachment. The democratic candidates for president were so far left they were beyond the foul ball post and were in the bleachers trying to tax the beer man. Then I remembered the phrase that William Safire has written for Spiro Agnew: nattering nabobs of negativism. Those vicious jackals in the media were in high gear. I was letting the media get to me. I thought that I was immune to their negativism, but after three years of constant carping, complaining above the fold and hiding good news on page sixteen I was weakening. The media jackals smelled a wounded animal and were going in for the kill. They had me worried. Then a funny thing happened. I watched our president at rallies in Kentucky and Louisiana. I didn’t see that limping zebra that the jackals came feast upon. I saw a water buffalo charging at his opponents with horns down and sharp eyes gazing. All is right with the world as the nattering nabobs of negativism will not feast this week.     

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