Perspectives on the Pandemic II

Corona Virus Perspectives

We think this is an important interview with Professor Knut Wittkowski. This is a crusty old Doctor of the old school who does not get his paycheck from the government. This conversation contrasts the dichotomy between standard medical diagnosis and treatment and the politicization of medicine by the WHO, CDC and its Doctors, insurance companies, hospitals, and big pharma.

The CDC would like widespread testing which would go hand and hand with insurance company reimbursement of Doctors and Hospitals. This politicization has caused widespread social distancing orders that are not very well thought out by the politicians involved. Remember that there are several countries that have weathered this storm without destroying their economy. They are Taiwan, South Korea, Iceland, and Sweden.

The financial ramifications of all this will be large. The Nanny State just thinks they know science and economics. Dr. Richard Capek thinks that instead of an epidemic of viruses, we are now at a point where we have an epidemic of tests.

The transcript is just a summary of the 42-minute video. This video was made around the first of April. Think about these things when you go to the polls in November and who took care of you better.  Highly Recommended!

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