Protecting your family from COVID-19

Posting this video again. If you are scared of the virus or know anyone scared or fear mongering the virus, send them this video. Video is from Dr David Price, pulmonary intensive care doc taking care of only Covid-19 patients for the last month. His Dad is an ER doc. It tells you how exactly how NOT to get it, when and if you should be tested, what to do if you get it, when to go to the hospital, the course of the disease if you are hospitalized. It is calming, reassuring & informative. He talks specifically about masks, who needs to wear them & what kind. That info really surprised me. The public does not need N-95 masks. It’s an hour long but well worth watching. I didn’t find it to be political. My husband, a doc who is still working (many are not) watched it and sent it to all his partners and staff.


Video: Protecting your family from COVID-19

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