“Monkeypox "Preparedness Exercise" put Pandemic Start Day of May 15 2022”

Monkey Pox

“Here’s something interesting that is discussed on Twitter right now (hat tip Edward Dowd).  There was a monkeypox preparedness exercise held in March 2021.  Apparently, it “simulated” a start date of a pandemic, to be May 15, 2022.”

Please see the first comment for more info.

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At Least 300 Azov Fighters Surrender To Russians At Azovstal Plant, Ending Lengthy Siege

Azovstal Plant

“The remnant hundreds of armed Ukrainian Azov battalion militants which had refused to come out have now surrendered in the Monday night hours. "Reuters saw about a dozen buses apparently carrying Ukrainian fighters leaving the plant on Monday. It was not possible to determine how many people were aboard.""

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EXCLUSIVE: Based on a Thorough Review of Election Regulations, Not a Single Voting System Testing Lab Used in the 2020 Election Was Accredited Based on the Law (Part I)

Voting machine certification

“The issue of whether US voting machines and voting machine auditors were properly accredited leading up to and after the 2020 Election has been previously addressed by The Gateway Pundit.  We first addressed this issue when the Maricopa County leadership only wanted a ‘certified auditor’ to perform an audit of their operations after the 2020 Election in Arizona.  The County selected two firms and TGP pointed out that the two firms selected were not properly certified at the time.  This was despite statements by Maricopa officials.  Only hours after our report, the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) suspiciously certified the two firms we identified.”

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Empire of Bioweapon Lies

Russia and Ukraine

“An ongoing U.S. bioweapons program in Ukraine was one of the Top Three reasons that led to the launch of Operation Z, side by side with preventing an imminent NATO-managed blitzkrieg against Donbass and Kiev’s desire to re-start a nuclear weapons program. These are Top Three red lines for Russia.”

You may view this as Russian propaganda or something the US MSM does not want you to know. Your choice.

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Biden Oil And Gas Lease Sale Cancellations Draw Strong Reaction

Energy Lease Sales

“As gas prices continue to break records, the Biden administration’s cancellation of two lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico and one lease sale in Alaska’s Cook Inlet has drawn clashing responses, including an accusation that the administration is “blatantly lying.””

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Baby Formula Crisis is a Major Issue for Democrates

Baby Formula

“If you’ve noticed the democrats being a bit more worried about the baby formula shortage crisis, there’s a good reason for that.  Baby formula is very expensive for the working family.  Subsidizing low-income parents with free infant formula has been dependency initiative for the democrats for a long time.”

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Clintonworld steps away from Black Lives Matter on eve of financial disclosure


“Marc Elias and Minyon Moore, two longtime allies of Bill and Hillary Clinton who recently took up key roles with the national Black Lives Matter group, relinquished top spots with the embattled organization, according to new records filed just days before the group reveals what it did with the $90 million it raised in 2020.”

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