NY Appeals Court Shuts Down New Congressional Map Designed to 'Favor Democrats'

New York Map

“With upcoming elections, cities and states are finalizing and submitting their congressional redistricting maps.  But in New York, an appellate court found that the 2022 congressional map illegally favored Democrats, The Hill reported.”

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US, EU Sacrificing Ukraine To "Weaken Russia": Former NATO Adviser

US and EU

“As the Russia-Ukraine war enters a new phase, former Swiss intelligence officer, senior United Nations official, and NATO advisor Jacques Baud analyzes the conflict and argues that the US and its allies are exploiting Ukraine in a longstanding campaign to bleed its Russian neighbor.”

It worked for Ronald Reagan. Could it work for Joe Biden? Or, is Washington just fighting the previous (financial) war?

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Federal judge strikes down CDC's COVID mask mandate for air passengers, other mass travelers


“The judge, Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, said the mandate was unlawful because it exceeded the statutory authority of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and that its implementation violates administrative law insofar as the agency did not provide a sufficient justification for its mandate.”

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Day 50 of the SMO – are things becoming clear(er)? (UPDATED 2x)


“So now we are 50 days into this Special Military Operation (SMO) and right in between the end of the first phase and the beginning of the second one.  So, I want to begin by listing a few things which were unclear/ambiguous/misunderstood and which now are becoming clear(er).”

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True the Vote, Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, Outline Details of 2020 Ballot Harvesting Process

True the Vote

“True the Vote worked through a painstakingly massive data file (2 petabytes) of cell phone use to identify “ballot mules,” people who were paid by political activist groups to gather massive numbers of mail-in ballots, take them to a central facility, and then drop them off in various ballot collection boxes in specific states, specific counties and approximately 71 specific precincts.  The trackable cell phone data was then matched with CCTV records to identify and document the ballot harvesting activity that took place.”

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