Attorney General Knudsen Wins Nationwide Order To Halt Biden Immigration Policy

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen

“Following a lawsuit filed by Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen, a federal judge has blocked parts of President Biden’s immigration policy that drastically tied the hands of immigration officers and coincided with a drastic decrease in the number of deportations.”

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The many “great coming outs” triggered by the war in the Ukraine


“For four weeks now we have been discussing the Russian special military operation in the Ukraine and most of what we looked at was happening either in the Ukraine proper or near it.  I did mention plenty of time that “this is not about the Ukraine, this is about the future collective security arrangement of Europe“, which is true.  But even that does not show the full picture.”

This is more about what is going on in Russia.

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Day 22 – where do we go from here? Two decisions


“In purely military terms, the picture we see now is simple: the Ukie military as a strategic instrument basically died in the first 24 hours.  Then the Russians used a small force to bypass and block main cities.  With some very notable exceptions (Mariupol) they did not try to enter them.  Why?  For 3 crucial reasons:

they did not have the manpower needed (in Mariupol the force correlation is about 1:1 when it should really be 3-5:1 in favor of the attacker)

they wanted to kill as few Ukrainians as possible and

they did not want to flatten cities only to have to pay for their reconstruction.

So where are the rest of the Russian forces and what are they doing?

They are mostly in their permanent deployment bases and they are ready for a war against the US+NATO.”

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8-Year CIA Program Helped Provoke Russian Invasion: Report


“CIA paramilitaries had been training Ukrainian forces on the frontlines of the Donbas war against Russian-backed separatists since 2014 and were only pulled out by the Biden administration last month, Yahoo News reported on Wednesday, citing former US officials.”

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