Walz: 80% Of Minnesotans May Get Coronavirus, Shelter In Place ‘Probable’

Corona Virus Walz

We think this is an important story. We are not sure the Governor meant what he said. There are two ways to take this message. One is that he was referring to Angela Merkle's and Boris Johnson's assessment of a couple of weeks ago. Or, on the other hand, that he is going with a laissez-faire strategy, not do very much, let people become sick until the point of herd immunity which is in the 60% to 80% range.  Both Angela Merkel and Boris were roundly criticized by their countryman and woman as they understood what that meant. This is why Boris Johnson changed his tune. He was accused of not fighting this virus and waiting until it ran its course. You should also note that the South Koreans did not close much up but used testing to ferret out who was sick and the shops and restaurants remained open.


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