Nurses giving testimony in Statislaus County California

Nurses against mandate

Ask yourself, why are we railroading the entire country into getting the vaccine?  If you have been reading these pages for any length of time, You probably realize a few things.  Vaccines don't work!  Additionally, the vaccine is changing the virus's environment to generate vaccine escape, simple put, Those leaky vaccines are causing mutations (variants).  It is not the unvaccinated causing the variants.  The unvaccinated do not need a new variant to catch COVID, any old variant will do that just fine. The vaccinated will probably need a new variant to become ill from COVID.  If you are hospitalized, remdesivir is not your friend, why is this still recommended?

This is a long video but we think it is important to hear from those who are trying to keep our communities safe. Because this is YouTube this video may be taken down.

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