United Steelworkers' Leo Gerard: Members Won't Forget What Trump Did, He Stopped Wealth Transfer

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RealClear Politics - Author Ian Schwartz 

In an interview with a combative Chuck Todd, Leo Gerard, President of the United Steelworks, praised the effect of President Trump's newly proclaimed tariffs would have on the U.S. steel market. Gerard praised Trump for making it clear he is going to "tackle trade deficits" which he called a "wealth transfer" because they are "taking good jobs away."

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Minneapolis considers ban on new business drive-thrus

"On Thursday, the Minneapolis city planning commission will discuss banning drive-throughs. The city's disdain for vehicles continue. Citing environmental concerns was the main point, but it's evident this anti vehicle stance will continue..."

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Kare 11 - Author Boyd Huppert

MINNEAPOLIS — Minneapolis elected officials envision a different kind of city.  A city with fewer cars – and more pedestrians, bikes and mass transit.

The latest automotive target in the crosshairs: drive-thrus.

On Thursday, the city planning commission will discuss a ban on new drive-thrus, including those at restaurants, banks, coffee shops and drug stores.

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Which direction will Minnesota’s Democrats take?

"Isn’t it interesting that Gov. Walz’s Department of Revenue did their tax incident report, which showed that the lowest income people will get hit hardest by Gov. Walz’s and the DFL’s $12,000,000,000 tax increase over the next 4 years?"

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Let Freedom Ring Blog

We’re finally in the last part of the Legislature’s regular session. Apparently, we’re steaming towards the biennial stalemate otherwise known as the budget special session. Unlike other years, this isn’t just about budget numbers. This time, it’s about the direction of the state of Minnesota, both economically and politically. It’s about whether Minnesotans side with the DFL and financial unsustainability or with the MNGOP and financial stability.

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Ilhan Omar defends Palestinians after terrorists rain rockets on Israel

"WHEN 'IHAN OH NO, I MARRIED MY BROTHER OMAR' DEFENDS THE ENEMY OF OUR ALLIES IN ISAREL, where does THAT PUT HER RELATIONSHIP WITH MINNESOTA CONGRESSMAN DEAN PHILLIPS? How about with all the Jewish people in Minnesota and the Christians? Please help us educate our voters by SHARING AND LIKING Right Now MINNESOTA!" - Right Now MN.

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Washington Examiner - Author John Cage

Rep. Ilhan Omar appeared to take the side of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad Sunday night after terrorists fired hundreds of rockets at civilian targets in Israel this weekend.

“How many more protesters must be shot, rockets must be fired, and little kids must be killed until the endless cycle of violence ends? The status quo of occupation and humanitarian crisis in Gaza is unsustainable. Only real justice can bring about security and lasting peace,” the Minnesota Democrat said in a tweet Sunday night. 

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