This is your governor?

Tim Walz let the Twin Cities burn. He could have stopped the flames and the violence earlier but he was content to sit in his mansion behind a wall and let his fellow Minnesotans suffer.

Months later the Minnesota Senate found that the governor was negligent in his actions during the 2020 riots. Is this the kind of man that you want leading your state? When a leader puts his own safety and political interests above his constituents he is not fit to lead.

Tim Walz let the Twin Cities burn because it suited his political interests. He knew that pushing the narrative of racism and social justice would score him political points even at the expense of Minnesotans’ lives and businesses. He is not a leader, he is a coward. While city leaders and residents begged him to help he simply ignored them and let our beloved cities burn. You can still see some of the rubble. Tim Walz doesn’t deserve to lead, he has failed before and he will fail again.

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