Edina and Bloomington are in trouble, rising crime in Minneapolis is spreading and these two communities are in the crosshairs. Doug Fulton knows this and that’s why he will fight against the reckless policies of the DFL. Doug supports law enforcement and understands that giving lenient sentences to violent criminals makes his constituents less safe. He will work to make his district safer and restore order to the streets. He is also committed to the education of Minnesota’s children and will work to expand after-school learning programs, access to tutoring, and school choice so that every child can have an A+ education.

Doug knows that strong communities also need a strong economy. That is why he will work to lower taxes, curb inflation, and promote jobs for the people of his district. Doug understands that the DFL policies aren’t working in his district and that something needs to change. Doug Fulton is the right choice for Minnesota Senate District 50.




"Our communities need someone who will work to lower the cost of living for families, promote excellence in our schools while keeping politics out of the classroom and support the men and women of law enforcement who keep us safe. Together, we can change the direction of our state."



"The “Defund the Police” movement along with anti-police rhetoric has diminished and denigrated the law enforcement profession and too many criminals have been allowed to re-offend by prosecutors who aren’t prosecuting.

Supporting Law Enforcement:

  • Provide a one-time bonus to our current law enforcement officers to recognize their service during the past two years and a second bonus available to those nearing retirement who stay in the field.
  • Provide incentives to encourage more people to pursue the field of law enforcement
  • Create a public safety awareness campaign to elevate and promote the field of law enforcement.
  • Provide funding for local jurisdictions that are using hiring bonuses to attract new candidates to their departments.
  • Invest in training and body cameras for police departments across the state.
  • Initiate a scholarship program for police recruits to then serve out 4 years in the communities which granted their scholarship and consider expanding recruiting programs towards Explorer and BSA Scouting programs.
  • Increase the number of violent crime enforcement teams (VCETs) in the state to help crack down on drugs and guns pouring into our state through gang and cartel activity.

Getting Tough On Criminals:

  • Increase penalties for offenses against the most vulnerable among us, including vulnerable adults and unborn children who die when their mother is injured in the course of a crime
  • Targeted proposals that get after growing crime problems around carjacking, auto theft, and fleeing a police officer, and provides the support for law enforcement to pursue these dangerous offenders.
  • Currently in the state of Minnesota, car-jacking is NOT a stand alone crime. I will propose legislation to make it so with its own set of penalties and punishment.

Transparency & Accountability In Prosecution And Sentencing Decisions:

  • Increase the assumed sentences for those who commit crimes and are sent to prison from 2/3 to 3/4 of the sentence.
  • Establish a publicly searchable web database of information on criminal sentencing decisions that have been stayed or imposed by courts.
  • Require reports on prosecutor dismissals and charging decisions so the public has a better awareness of why and how decisions were made.
  • Increase funding for probation officers, public defenders, and provide training for prosecutors.
  • Prohibit downward departures of sentences for the most serious offenders and prohibit judges and prosecutors from waiving mandatory minimums for those who commit violent crimes with firearms ("



"We need to strengthen small businesses, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, create good paying jobs and job-friendly climate that will support families in our communities. One goal that I am passionate about is creating an economy that makes life affordable for our families. Minnesota needs to both get back to work and more importantly needs to afford to live.

My proposals would include:

  • Lower tax-rates for all Minnesotans regardless of income status
  • Expanding the child-care tax credit
  • Eliminate tax on social security benefits
  • Improving the corporate environment with fewer regulations

Corporate Tax Incentives to bring corporations back to Minnesota resulting in jobs and financial security for ALL families ("



"When I am elected your state senator, I promise that I will be a tireless advocate for families and work to relieve the stressors and concerns we are all facing in a post-COVID Minnesota. One issue that I am focused on is safe and successful schools. Here is what you need to know:

  • We need to focus on learning recovery to quickly regain what was lost during COVID. Our kids need to be brought up to speed immediately
  • Using budget surplus funds to develop high-impact tutoring programs for small groups or one-on-one for any student who needs it.
  • Safer schools and grounds with school resource officers in EVERY school, mental health professionals and social services available to all students & staff on a consistent basis
  • Expand access to before/after school learning programs and summer-school education opportunities
  • Continue to support school choice options for families that are looking for alternative learning facilities for their children.

Edina and Bloomington should lead the way for the rest of Minnesota in how to recover from the damage done during the pandemic. A recent report shows Minnesota student test scores have taken a dramatic fall. This is simply unacceptable and should be rectified as quickly as possible.

I am prepared to take the initiative and get it done by engaging expert educators, parents, community leaders and professionals in what I call the Minnesota Education Recovery Taskforce or MERT. I will propose legislation that will repurpose a percentage of surplus funds as MERT funds to be used for these initiatives.

Our communities and families deserve access to the very best education process to prepare them for their children’s futures ("




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