Tom Dippel cares about the people of his community. He knows that high taxes, inflation, crime, and bad schools are not what’s best for the people of Senate District 41. When elected in November, Tom will start working day one to make sure that the destructive policies of the DFL like defund the police, and out-of-control spending are no longer the standard for Minnesota. As a business owner, Tom understands that government is best when it doesn’t have its hands in business.

Tom is endorsed by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association and the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Leadership Fund. He wouldn’t have these endorsements if he wasn’t up to the task. Tom Dippel will take the values of his district to St. Paul and fight for his constituents every day.




"Our district needs strong representation. As a business leader, job creator, and homeschool father, I have the EXPERIENCE and the TENACITY needed to boldly represent our community in St. Paul. Government needs to work for the People, not the other way around."



"Minnesota is ranked as one of the least tax-friendly states in the nation.  As a 14-year business owner with 20 employees, I understand at great length how this affects our business climate and takes away from being able to hire more people.  I care deeply about our community.  Job creation brings opportunity and the ability for people to take care of their families.

Minnesota is one of the very few states that tax Social Security income.  We should not be taxing the elderly who live on a fixed income.  Many flee to other states to escape the high cost of living, hurting families - particularly grandparents and their grandchildren.

I pledge to never raise your taxes and will fight to cut and eliminate taxes on Minnesotan families ("



"In 2020, the politicians stood idly by as 1500 businesses were damaged and burned, causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damage.  This happened to many minority business owners who relied on the promise that the government would be there to protect them and their businesses.  

Now we’ve seen record murders and crime in Minnesota.  Carjackings in broad daylight at grocery stores in suburban communities.  It’s out of control - the answer by Democrat politicians is to Defund The Police and disarm everyday Minnesotans.

Criminals need to be held accountable for harming our neighbors ("



"Our public schools have failed to deliver a quality education. Literacy rates for Minnesota children have fallen to 40%. It's time to take a serious look at our education, rather than throwing more money at a breaking system.

As a father of six kids, their education is a top priority.  You and I know educating our kids is vital to their future.

The lawmakers in St. Paul have not provided options and opportunities for our kids.  Just the same unsuccessful talking points year after year.

What we need is School Choice so that when the school fails to provide a quality education, parents can take those educational dollars to a better school for their kids, allowing for a better future ("



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