Cancellation: it's a tactic not a culture and you're next!

"Cancellation" is not a culture, it's a strategy - an you're on the list!

The Marxist Left is brazenly open that whenever possible intimidation tactics must be deployed to silence opposition or even moderate voices. Further, these activists have convinced themselves that the normal rules of civility and morality do not apply to them since such rules are merely tools of the oppressors to use against the oppressed. Twisted? Of course, but this is the extremism we all face – and must end. Making your family destitute is entirely desirable to this group not just to silence you, but to silence the next person who might have the audacity to oppose their totalitarian goals.

While there are many examples of this Marxist strategy, one is enough to illustrate the ruthlessness of the “Cancellation” tactic. Consider recent events at Cisco Systems Inc. (As according to Bloomberg, 7/17/2020)

On June 1, 2020, Cisco Systems CEO, Chuck Robbins held a mandatory meeting for his 30,000 employees. The topic was the company’s support for the Black Lives Matters organization. In the subsequent on-line breakout sessions, a number of employees objected to the company’s strident position. Bloomberg News reports the Cisco Systems management was appalled that not all employees agreed with them. Who could possibly disagree with defunding the police, naming all white people as racists, breaking the nuclear family, the end of civil liberties etc.! 

These employees stated simple truths like:

"Black lives don't matter. All lives matter”


"Black Lives Matter" perpetuates racism. 

They were fired for it!

Presumably, Chuck Robbins (a white man) believes his life matters. Maybe he even believes the lives of his family and friends matter. Further, he has to date not dissolved his family giving custody of his children to a state run school established to produce “Marxist Revolutionaries” even though Black Lives Matters demands these actions.

But by sacrificing a few of his employees to the mob, he saved his own neck.

At RightNowMN, we believe this mob intimidation must be ended. We will shine the bright light of truth on Leftist candidates who cheer on the mob – who believe intimidation is alright if it leads to unchallenged power for them. But we need your help.


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