Thank you Ryan Fournier!

"NONE of the 22,000+ GUN LAWS on the books (local, state, federal) WOULD HAVE STOPPED this man from GETTING A GUN!
THIS GUY has been IN and OUT of the criminal system since he was 18 in 2001 for a variety of things including: drug dealing, ILLEGAL POSSESSION of FIREARMS and aggravated assault. HE WASN’T GOING TO FOLLOW THE LAW and NEITHER will the rest." - Right Now MN.


“TAXING TIMMY WALZ” has just come up with another bonehead idea!

"While “TAXING TIMMY WALZ” just increased your License tab registration fees by OVER 50%, he has just come up with another bonehead idea! “SPEND ANOTHER $34 MILLION DOLLARS OF YOUR TAX MONEY, TO BRING IN ANOTHER VENDOR TO RECREATE THE SYSTEM THAT HE HAS SPENT OVER $150 MILLION ON THAT DOES NOT WORK! Do you like this idea?" - Right Now MN.


Drowsy Dayton and Taxing Timmy STRIKE AGAIN!

"MN DHS "overpaid" $25 MILLION in Medicaid to Leech Lake and White Earth Bands. The Fraud spans both DFL Govs. White Earth reported the fraud and THE STATE DIDN'T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT! How deep does this go? Who knew what and when? Did Lt. Gov Flanagan know?" - Right Now MN.


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